Nimbuzz PC to Phone Dialer Configuration

For those looking for clear voice PC dialers, we have been notified of an alternative to BlackDialer confirmed that it is working well. Resellers can set the Nimbuzz PC dialer to TalkFree settings and it works very, very well.

Try it today.

1. Download the Nimbuzz setup and install in your PC

Download Site 1 -


Download Site 2 -

2. Install Nimbuzz on your PC

3. Configure TalkFree to your new Nimbuzz PC dialer

4. Create new account (if you don’t have nimbuzz account).

5. Sign in to your account.

6. Go to tools and options

7. Select SIP Provider

8. Select OTHER

9. Place your account and pin.

10. Type in domain

11. Click on connect, now it should show connected

12. Click ok

13. Go to keypad tab and dial your destination number.

14. Enjoy!

If you need any technical assistance, please see LIVE HELP.

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