Nimbuzz Mobile Dialer

Phase 1: Downloading and Installing Nimbuzz from the Web.

If you have Nimbuzz already installed, skip to Phase 3. If you do not have Nimbuzz already installed please follow these instructions:

1. Go to , select your country, enter your complete phone number (country code included) and click on GET SMS.

2. enter your complete phone number (country code included) and click on GET SMS.

3. Note: you do NOT need to create a Username and password from the site, you can create that over you phone once you get the application.

4. Once you receive the SMS, open the link and install the application.

5. Once installed, the application can be found under your INSTALLATIONS folder.

Phase 2: Creating a Username and Password for Nimbuzz.

You can choose to create USER ID and Password from here: or create it from directly from your phone.

1. Open Nimbuzz application found under INSTALLATIONS folder:

2. When you try to open the application you will see: Connection failed. Retry or go to Nimbuzz web? Select WEB

3. From here you will be able to Create a new USER ID and Password for Nimbuzz. Scroll down and select: Create Nimbuzz Account

4. Enter all information requested: Username, Password two times, ( it has to be like: name789 or na7me89), Phone Number, email:

5. Once the account is created LOG IN:

Phase 3: Configuring Nimbuzz to TalkFree SIP Services and setting it as preferred VoIP Provider.

1. Once you log in, select OPTIONS. From there select SETTINGS.

2. From SETTINGS select SIP providers.

3. From here go down and select OTHER:

4. In Username enter the Account as follows: Password enter PIN number and in Proxy server enter:, then select SAVE.

5. To set TalkFree as your outbound calling provider, go back Settings, then select VoIP Provider Settings:

6. By default you will see NimbuzzOut. This means all calls going out will use Nimbuzz services.

7. To change to TalkFree, simply select NimbuzzOut field and you will see the option to change. Select SIP then OK

8. When you do that you should see SIP icon and account number on the TOP-LEFT corner and you can dial any number. When dialing use + in front of the number.

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