Customer Service Bulletin 43 - g.723 Devices Settings and Lock Device Services - April 24, 2008 - English

If you are using devices on 2 lines of g.723 codec- PLEASE READ carefully!!

We are noticing a growing number of g.723 configurations that are incorrect. The result of incorrect configuration will give poor performance and poor voice quality!

Please make sure all your devices are setup correctly for 2 lines of g.723. See the proper configuration here:

Would you like to guarantee proper configuration? We recommend you lock your device to our device configuration server to guarantee proper configuration every time! In addition, devices that are locked to our device configuration server will soon be viewable in your reseller panel via our upcoming device tab which will be released soon.

Should you need any assistance with proper configuration or locking your devices to our device server, please see LIVE HELP in your reseller panel.

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